American Fisheries Society 2021 Annual Meeting Symposium on Interactions Between Offshore Wind, Fisheries, and Fisheries Resources, co-hosted by the Responsible Offshore Science Alliance

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This page provides access to the presentations, posters, and panels from the Symposium on Interactions Between Offshore Wind, Fisheries, and Fisheries Resources at the American Fisheries Society annual meeting in November 2021. Sections below include: Ecological Impact; Monitoring; Socio-economics and related; and Panels.

*Disclaimer: All files are posted with permission of the authors. For purposes of citation or attribution, please contact authors directly.

Ecological Impact

  • ​Sarah Borsetti, Daphne Munroe, Eric Powell, Eileen Hofmann, John Klinck, and Andrew Scheld
    Potential repercussions of offshore wind development in the Northeast US on the Atlantic surfclam survey and population assessment (In-person presentation)

  • Alexandra Grayson, Andrew Jones, and Elizabeth Methratta
    Meta-analysis of Benthic Species Abundance at Offshore Wind Farms (In-person poster)

  • Claire Ober and Yong Chen
    Gone with the Wind?: Assessing the Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Longfin Squid Suitable Habitat and Abundance in the New York Bight (In-person presentation)

  • Eric Powell, Roger Mann, Daphne Munroe, Eileen Hofmann, and John Klinck
    The potential to model future range shifts of commercial species and their fisheries: A possible new approach (In-person presentation)

  • David Secor
    The Flyway Concept and Assessment of OWF Impacts on Migratory Marine Fauna (Virtual presentation)

  • Bradley Stevens
    Black Sea Bass and Coral Habitats in the Mid-Atlantic Bight: Implications for Windpower Development (In-person presentation)


  • Andrew Farnsworth, Bonnie Brady, Anne Hawkins, Fiona Hogan, Joel Merriman, and Kate Williams
    Flight, Fingers, and Fins: Fishermen as Knowledge Partners for Offshore Bird and Bat Science (In-person poster)

Socio-economics and Related

  • Julia Livermore and Tom Sproul
    Using machine learning to predict fishing activity in the AIS (Virtual presentation)

  • Daphne Munroe, Eric Powell, Eileen Hofmann, John Klinck, Andrew Scheld, David Rudders, and Sarah Borsetti
    Bio-Economic Impacts of Fishery Displacement in the Sea Scallop Fishery from Offshore Wind Energy (In-person poster)

  • Chris Sarro, Kara Gross, Ross Pearsall, Rodney Avila, and Julia Prince
    Orsted’s commitment to reduce conflict between offshore wind survey and fishing vessels (In-person poster)

  • Tiffany Smythe
    A Governance Network Approach to Offshore Wind – Fisheries Conflict in Southern New England (Virtual presentation)


  • Moderators: Morgan Brunbauer and Brian Dresser​​
    The role of environmental and fisheries efforts during the pre-development stage of offshore wind energy (In-person panel)