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Help advance regional research on the potential impacts of offshore wind on fisheries

The Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA)’s success is dependent on the engagement of leaders from a wide range of sectors. We are grateful to the more than 100 individuals who are working together to forward regional research by participating in our advisory council meetings, conducting peer review on research, and lending their expertise, ranging from fishing experience to scientific research. Please join us!

The following are ways you can participate:

Attend Advisory Council Meetings

Advisory council meetings are open forums for discussing priority matters related to ROSA’s mission, as well as learning about research being undertaken by other organizations. Topics have included:

  • Challenges to pre-construction fisheries surveys.
  • How to achieve fair and constructive data sharing.
  • How to improve compatibility of fishing gear surveys across wind leases.
  • How to develop a regional research framework (that will help direct resources to the highest-priority projects).

Advisory council meetings are open to the public. See the Advisory Council Priorities and Meeting page for meeting agendas, presentations, and summaries.

Lend Your Knowledge

The knowledge and experience of everyone in our community is vital to our work. Fishermen’s ecological knowledge, developers’ understanding of offshore wind turbine construction, nonprofit organizations’ deep engagement with stakeholders, for example, are all incredibly helpful to undertaking regional research. Contribute your expertise:

  • In an advisory council meeting.
  • On an advisory council committee.
  • By serving as a research advisor.
  • By reaching out to our Research Director Mike Pol at to explore opportunities to get involved.

Participate in Research

ROSA is working to raise research funds (see our Support Us page for details) and create opportunities for people to engage in collaborative research.

In the meantime, the ROSA community is working together to lay the foundation for effective regional research by tackling the projects outlined in the above advisory council meetings section. Join us in working on these important initiatives!

Serve as an Intern

ROSA welcomes the opportunity to work with university and college students. Those interested in learning more about internships should reach out to ROSA Research Director Mike Pol at

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Support Us

ROSA depends on contributions from individuals, businesses, government, and other grant-funding entities to sustain its work. Your donation is critical to advancing regional science on offshore wind and fisheries. Visit our Support Us to make a contribution today.