American Fisheries Society 2023 Annual Meeting Symposium on Interactions Between Offshore Wind, Fisheries, and Fisheries Resources, co-hosted by the Responsible Offshore Science Alliance

This page provides access to the presentations and discussion  from the American Fisheries Society (AFS) Annual Meeting where ROSA and other partners co-hosted a symposium, Offshore Wind, Fish, and Fisheries – Emerging Knowledge and Applications. Sections below include: Research Priorities; Lessons Learned; Floating Wind; Monitoring; and Discussion.

*Disclaimer: All files are posted with permission of the authors. For purposes of citation or attribution, please contact authors directly. Only one team of presenters (Ober and Chen) did not respond to repeated requests.


  • Douglas Zemeckis – email to request
    Analysis of New Jersey Migrant Fishes and Shelf-Estuary Connectivity: Implications for Offshore Wind
  • Douglas Zemeckis, Jason Morson, Joseph O’Brien, Andre Ascura, and Kevin Wark – email to request
    Evaluating the Impacts of Windfarm Construction on Structure-Associated Species off New Jersey 

Fisheries Impacts

Research Priorities