Collaborating on regional research to inform decision-making at the intersection of offshore wind and fisheries

Offshore wind is expanding along the US East Coast–deepening interest among those active in Atlantic waters in better understanding interactions between offshore wind and ocean ecosystems.
With offshore wind projects spanning multiple states and many organizations launching research, a coordinated approach is needed to ensure credible data is collected and shared.

Leading Regional Offshore Wind and Fisheries Research

The Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA) is a nonprofit organization leading a collaborative effort to advance research and monitoring on the potential effects of offshore wind on fisheries.

At the heart of ROSA’s work is a community–of fishermen, offshore wind developers, academics, government representatives, and others–united behind a common goal: objective, collaborative science. Together, we aim to generate scientific data to support effective decision-making and policy.

We are the only entity working full-time on offshore wind and fisheries research:

  • Setting research priorities
  • Enabling collaboration among scientists
  • Reducing redundancy
  • Providing scientific leadership
  • Administering research (forthcoming)

Committed to Inclusivity and Transparency

We welcome everyone who is interested in our mission. Anyone with knowledge of fish, fishing, or offshore wind can contribute significantly to our efforts. One need not be a scientist to participate in ROSA projects.

We approach our work with an inclusionary lens:

• Everyone is welcome at our meetings
• Meeting records are posted on this website
• All products we develop are open source

Ways to Get Involved

  • Lend Your Knowledge
  • Attend Our Meetings
  • Join a Committee
  • Participate in Research
  • Help Design Research Tools

Learn How to Get Involved

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ROSA Releases 2023 Annual Review

ROSA highlights from 2023 include successfully securing our first contract to administer regional research, beginning development of a new ROSA Strategic Plan, and launching a vitally important workshop series around offshore wind fisheries monitoring. Read the annual review here.

Get to Know ROSA Webinar

On April 8, ROSA will host Get to Know ROSA, the first in a series of webinars focused on ROSA’s mission, purpose, and projects.

Join us and learn about our science-based and collaborative approach to research on the effects of offshore wind development on fisheries.

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Man Doing Research on Fishing Boat
Research Spotlight

Trawl Survey Net Modification Experiment Under Way

ROSA Research Director Mike Pol and other members of the Northeast Trawl Advisory Panel (NTAP) are engaged in an experiment on the F/V Darana R, Jimmy and Bobby Ruhle’s vessel, exploring a modification to trawl survey nets that could help standardize studies in offshore wind energy areas.

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Offshore Wind
Resource Spotlight

ROSA Publishes Data Standardization and Sharing Report

ROSA recently published a report highlighting results from a study on data standardization and sharing related to research on the potential impacts of offshore wind on fisheries. Continue reading to learn about the key findings and ROSA’s recommendations.

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