Dedicated to research, communication, and regional collaboration on offshore wind development and fisheries 

The Challenge

Offshore wind is expanding along the East Coast of the U.S. – deepening interest among all parties active in these waters in better understanding the interactions between offshore wind and ecosystems in the region. 

With wind projects spanning multiple states and many organizations embarking on research, a coordinated approach is needed to ensure that credible research is developed and shared.


The Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA), founded in 2019, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance regional research and monitoring of fisheries and offshore wind interactions through collaboration and cooperation.  


ROSA’s objective is to be a trusted resource that enables scientific research, increases efficiency, deepens understanding, and facilitates collaboration. 


What is Happening 

Research Advisor

Applications Under Review

ROSA is reviewing submitted applications for Research Advisors: scientists and subject matter experts who will provide guidance to ROSA on matters related to scientific research. The organization is aiming to develop a pool of advisors who represent a broad range of expertise and sectors. Advisors will be selected early in 2021. 

Advisory Council Met November 23

The Advisory Council meeting on November 23 was attended by more than 80 people. Future research, data management, and priority setting were among the topics that were addressed.  You can read more about the Advisory Council and its recent meetings on the Advisory Council page. 

ROSA Participates in Synthesis of Science Project

ROSA is an active participant in the Synthesis of Science project, which aims to enhance understanding of existing science and data gaps related to interactions between offshore wind and fisheries. The project, sponsored by NOAA Fisheries, BOEM, and RODA, kicked off in October with a workshop (presentations can be viewed here) and will culminate with a published report next spring. This project will help ROSA set regional research priorities. 

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