Dedicated to research, communication, and regional collaboration on offshore wind development and fisheries 

The Challenge

Offshore wind is expanding along the East Coast of the U.S. – deepening interest among all parties active in these waters in better understanding the interactions between offshore wind and ecosystems in the region. 

With wind projects spanning multiple states and many organizations embarking on research, a coordinated approach is needed to ensure that credible research is developed and shared.


The Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA), founded in 2019, is a nonprofit organization that seeks to advance regional research and monitoring of fisheries and offshore wind interactions through collaboration and cooperation.  


ROSA’s objective is to be a trusted resource that enables scientific research, increases efficiency, deepens understanding, and facilitates collaboration. 


What is Happening 

One Year of ROSA Collaboration with

Advisory Council featured 

in our recent newsletter


Highlights of work that ROSA and the  Advisory Council have done over the past year as well as research that ROSA is undertaking with Rutgers are among the features in our recent newsletter. Read the newsletter to learn the latest regarding ROSA’s work.

  Next Advisory Council Meeting

to be Held

December 20th


The next Advisory Council meeting, which will be open to the public, will be held on December 20th from 1 to 4 pm EST. The agenda and registration link will be posted on the website in early December. You can review the meeting summary and presentations from the September meeting on our Advisory Council page. We hope you will join us for the next meeting and invite others who might be interested in ROSA’s work.

ROSA Presents at
American Fisheries Society
(AFS) Meeting 

Lyndie Hice Dunton, Ph.D., ROSA Executive Director and Mike Pol, Ph.D., ROSA Research Director, will have a table at the exhibitor’s hall and lead a symposium with others titled “Interactions Between Offshore Wind, Fisheries, and Fisheries Resources” on November 8th and 9th at the upcoming annual AFS meeting. Lyndie’s presentation on advancing coordinated regional research and monitoring for offshore wind and fisheries will take place at 8 am EST on the 8th and Mike's presentation on gear standardization is scheduled for 8:40 am EST on the 9th. We hope to see you there!