Atlantic Bounty fishing vessel at the dock.

Responsible Offshore Science Alliance Leadership

Our Leaders

The Responsible Offshore Science Alliance (ROSA) is led by Executive Director Lyndie Hice-Dunton, Ph.D. and guided by a board of directors comprised equally of wind energy developers and fishing industry leaders.  Bios can be found on the staff and board pages. 

 with bios.

Advisory Council
An Advisory Council provides substantive direction and strategic guidance for ROSA. More information about the council can be found on the Advisory Council page. 


Research Advisors

ROSA’s Research Advisors provide independent, scientific input to the council and committees. Advisors will be added periodically to ensure that the group encompasses extensive expertise in the wide range of research topics that ROSA will be exploring. The full list of Research Advisors can be viewed here.


Responsible Offshore Science Alliance Organizational Structure